Dental Implant Restoration

Dental Implant Restoration

Dental Implants are titanium 'roots' anchored into the jawbone. The artificial roots are fitted with porcelain crowns, which act as the tooth-like extensions. They help in restoring the functionality and aesthetics of the mouth. Implants are considered to be the best replacement for natural teeth by most dentists, owing to their high strength and durability.

When are implants recommended?

Dental implants are now the first and one of the best choices for replacing lost teeth. If your jawbone is healthy and able to support implants, only then will your dentist recommend these restorations. Along with this, patients who wish to get implants need to satisfy a few other factors such as optimum state of health, infection-free gums, spacing available for placing the implant, etc.

What is the process involved?


The dentist starts a thorough examination of the patient's mouth with X-rays to determine the exact placement and positions of the remaining teeth and the gap available for placing implants. Based on the results, the dentist would suggest a suitable treatment plan for your condition. Some of the factors that your dentist would consider while screening are the availability of jawbone, length, width, and depth of the jawbone, healthy gum tissues, etc.

Implant placement

The dentist inserts the implant into the tiny hole that made in the jawbone. This process is very delicate and is executed with high precision. After this, the wound is allowed to heal for a few months. During this time, the gum tissues re-grow around the implant stud. Also, the jawbone is allowed to grow around the implant.

Attaching the ceramic crown

After the wound has healed well, it will be made ready for attaching the crown. The crown is usually made up of ceramic, which makes it sturdy and highly durable. It will be attached to the implant with the help of dental adhesives, and a connecting element called the abutment.


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